Thursday, February 28, 2008

Choosing my battles

*Warning- This is not a very well thought out post*

Fortunately you can get away with that on blogs from time to time. I've just been wondering what is THE battle, THE issue to which I should commit my energy and efforts. Poverty? Climate Change? Consumerism? Simplicity? Evangelism? Politics? Youth? Discipleship?

As you can tell from the number of question marks there are few issues that buzz around my head and of course many overlap and are not at all mutually exclusive. It helps to have a clear enemy, consumerism is a bit amorphous - who is your enemy? Shops? Shoppers? Capitalism?

Again who's the enemy with Climate Change? Sceptics? Airlines? Tourists? 4x4 drivers? Energy companies? It's fortunate there's a vast array of campaigners on all these fronts because the enemy is equally vast and generally infinitely better resourced.

Perhaps this lack of real threat, of real enemy and real danger is what keeps many of my generation focused on just one thing: themselves....

Well, apologies for the waffle, with a bit of luck more focused thoughts will return to me soon...


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