Friday, March 07, 2008

Travelling Light

It's been a busy time, hence not many posts but thought I should report back on the inaugural Breathe conference that took place last Saturday at St Paul's, Hammersmith in London. The irony of meeting to face the challenge of consumerism inside a building carrying London's largest billboard was not lost on anyone, speaker Bishop Graham Cray included.

His keynote address was superb on de-constructing consumerism and urging us from Paul's letter to the Philippians to outclass the offer made by society by making a greater offer based on following Jesus. Inspiring stuff, I'll try and get the audio up for you to listen.

Rev Mark Powley introduced the Breathe network and this was followed by a Q&A with a panel made up of Bishop Graham Cray, Helen Parry from LICC and myself. I felt a bit lightweight.

After lunch we broke up into 'Breathing Spaces' to discuss the challenges we face, I led a discussion on Generous Finances but the topics were so varied that we really didn't manage to get down to specifics, which I think was frustrating.

However it was a great day with around 100 people there, with virtually everyone encourgaing us to do it again. So watch this space. When material is up on the Breathe website I'll let you know.


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