Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Front Edge

Sunday gone, was an interesting day. The West Midlands region of Newfrontiers took part in an initiative called Front Edge. The 'front edge' being where the church connects with those who don't yet follow Christ. The format is simple and straightforward. A guest speaker comes, prays for the sick and trusts God for healing. The reason for that is again simple. It's evidence that demands a verdict. If the unbeliever sees a demonstration of God's power, it's hard to then convince yourself He doesn't exist. A simple presentation of the Gospel follows by an invitation to respond.

Jonny Mellor from Church Central, Birmingham visited with us on Sunday and served us well. Although, I've not yet heard of anyone reporting healing, we did see 6 respond in different ways, and on guy - a neighbour of mine, respond and clearly give his life to Christ. That's exciting. Exciting enough for angels to be celebrating.

At the same time we live with the reality of some who long to be free from the pain and suffering they're in. Their issues are ones not easily solved by the medical profession and yet healing hasn't come to them. Would it be easier not to pray? Probably. But if our hope truly is in God, then we must keep coming to a loving Father, trusting Him with all our needs and remaining faithful regardless of the outcome.

Sunday was crazy for another reason, with about 55 adults there we also had 35 under the age of 18. That's nuts. But great fun.


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