Friday, June 27, 2008

Revival/Outpouring roundup

OK, so I said I wasn't going to post on this stuff anymore, but since I completed my series of posts on my trip to Dudley, a bunch of people started writing again, so here's a round up.

  • Matt Hosier gives his view here and has some audio here.Very balanced with a concern to remain united and not divide into polarised camps. I agree.
  • Dave Warnock has started reviewing the teaching at Dudley and has concerns over the method Todd Bentley uses in healing
  • Peter Kirk reports that Todd Bentley is coming to the UK so I'm sure we shall see a spike in interest then. Peter remains the most committed defender on the blogs that I've come across.
  • Interestingly Julian Adams reports from South Africa how a church there beginning similar meetings and seen some exciting things happen as a result of a visit to Dudley.
  • Unashamed Workman has some interesting points on a biblical understanding of healing miracles, although I'm not totally convinced.
I'm sure there's lots more out there but these are the ones I've found and read...


Mark H on 28 June 2008 at 23:04 said...

thanks for posting this series Phil, I have found your comments very helpful. I guess I share some similar concerns without necessarily wanting to reject everything completely. I have toyed with the idea of blogging about it myself, but I'm not sure I want to let loose my "transferable annointing of cynicism" on to everyone before properly examining things first.

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