Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Never talked to a Pastor

Nearly a week ago I did a short interview with Talk 107 radio about the blogging commandments. Something said in that interview has haunted me a bit this past week. One of the presenters was a young woman, Marisa De Andrade on discovering that I was a pastor said, 'I've never talked to a pastor before'. I wonder for how many millions of people in our country that is true for. It seems fair then to say that pastors have not been discharging the duty given to Timothy to 'do the work of an evangelist' (2Tim 4:5).

Perhaps, if we talked more to those beyond our doors the church in this country may not be as it is and perhaps then the nation would also not be as it is. That phrase is bugging me, a moment where God took the words of an unbeliever and pierced the walls of my soul.

Which is why it was a real joy to take part in another Alpha course led so well by my friend Mark Cuthbert. It was great to have 5 guests there all hungry to know more. It was our first week and I'm buzzing - what an amazing privilege it is to share Jesus with people.


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