Friday, January 30, 2009

Adbusting: Nokia E71

The title of this advert, is 'Two lives, one phone'. You can have two lives - a work life and a home life. Having this phone joins them up. Not sure how this is any different from any other phone but never mind that now. This phone makes the work/life balance possible, equilibrium and a contented life are all at your disposal if you have this phone.

If my work and personal life are out of balance then technology is not my problem nor is lack of technology the problem. The problem lies in the decisions I've made and so far they've not found the technology that can make those for you (Sat Nav's excluded).

Granted that technology can help you implement a solution but that doesn't make IT the solution. Buying more stuff or better stuff will not of itself help you find a more balanced life. That comes from knowing our priorities and living accordingly.


Andy on 2 February 2009 at 19:42 said...

Gotta say Phil, I'm disappointed with the Sat Nav's blunder...

To be fair though, when you're doing three posts an hour, law of averages says you've got to slip up somewhere.

Phil on 3 February 2009 at 09:20 said...

Blunder? What blunder? I don't have a Sat Nav but it was the one bit of technology I could think of that made decisions for people...or am I missing your point?

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