Friday, January 30, 2009

Posts of the Week

Plenty of thought provoking articles again, here's my pick of the bunch

  1. The idea that God might be bored if he was to come to our church is an intriguing and provocative one
  2. If you use credit cars then avoiding these five common credit card company tricks would be a good idea
  3. This article on The Gluttony of Time made me think - maybe I have unhealthy appetites
  4. Life can have its low points as my friend Dave Matthias reminds us
  5. Marcus Honeysett explains 'Why he doesn't like Bible Study!' and very good it is too
  6. He also made the stars (Gen 1:16). Is this the biggest ever understatement?
  7. Tim Challies article 'On Being Weak' was largely spot on
  8. My friend Gareth made some interesting observations in Worship Matters: Who needs a Worship Leader anyway?


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