Monday, January 05, 2009

Bible Heroes: Noah

I've no idea whether I'll keep this up or not, but as I'm beginning another year of Bible reading it makes sense to me to post a reflection or two as I go along. The plan I'm using is chronological so as with other plans I'm in Genesis and I've come to Genesis 6 and my first Bible hero and it just happens we named our firstborn after this particular hero.

So here are a few reasons I hope my son turns out like this hero and a few ways in which I hope he differs.
  1. Noah was a righteous man (Gen 6:9; Ezekiel 14:13-14). I hope my son is not only able to tell the difference between right and wrong but choose right more often than not and in his faith find favour with God.
  2. Noah was a man of faith (Heb 11:7). he put his trust in God and kept it there. I hope my son discovers the same saving faith.
  3. Noah was obedient to God (Gen 6:22; Gen 7:5). I hope my son learns to discern the will of God in his life and follow Jesus with all his heart.
  4. Noah was the original environmental hero, rescuing creation from environmental disaster. Noah lived differently from all those around him and so escaped the judgement of God which came as a result of man's sinfulness. The parallels seem quite clear to me, environmental disaster is once again a possibility (although if it comes it shouldn't be a surprise) as a result of mankind's selfishness and sin. What is needed is people who live differently and so play their part in rescuing creation. I hope my son Noah will play his part.
  5. Noah was a worshipper (Gen 8:20). I hope my son learns to love praising God.
  6. His father hoped Noah would be a comfort (Gen 5:29).
  7. Noah lived a long time. Which father doesn't hope that for his children?
  8. Noah was a man of the earth (Gen 9:20), as well as being pretty reasonable on water. He loved the earth and knew how to grow things, work things, produce things. In an age of entertainment and a generation that increasingly fails to get further than the Xbox, I hope my son appreciates the great outdoors and the brilliance of all God has made.
  9. Noah knew what it was to live in the blessing and promises of God (Gen 9:9-16). Can't think of a better place.
  10. Noah (I think was a good father). Can't give you a proof verse but I'd like to think so.
Here is one (maybe two) reasons how I hope my son Noah differs from the biblical one:
  1. Noah got drunk and naked (is that one or two?)
We're all flawed in different ways and my son will have his own, he will sadly prove to be a sinner just like the rest of us and be in need of a saviour. My hope is that I'll be of some use in making a good introduction between the two of them.


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