Friday, January 30, 2009


One of the benefits of writing and reading blogs is getting all the different angles on a subject - it's incredibly refreshing, it's like using a wide-angled lens on life.

Here's a few of those convergences from today's reading:

Jeremy (in Luton) has posted about Doing Less, while Matt (in Poole) has written about Keeping the Sabbath and Tim (in Sheffield) explains the rhythms of a missional church, including the Sabbath. Simple livings definitely means not doing everything, so this is helpful stuff!

On another theme we run from seeing what world leaders are thinking about at Davos to reading what church leaders are thinking about the financial crisis. Leadership being on the minds of Terry (in Brighton) and Marcus (wherever he is).

Read them all and you start to get a real feel for an issue and start to think about it for yourself.


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