Wednesday, July 08, 2009

TOAM: Day 2 (the rest)

So in summary

The low points
  1. Falling asleep for a bit during Terry Virgo's evening talk. Don't really know what he said, stuff about the present reality of church I think. I heard mixed reviews.
  2. Too many new songs for me. I love praising Jesus but I struggled to engage today.
  3. I just wasn't inspired by any of the platform talks. No paradigm shifts in thinking; no new insights; no great Biblical exegesis that opened the Scriptures up to me in a new or deep or rich way; no fresh angle from which to consider the wonder of Jesus and no new ideas to take home and play around with. Is it just me? (Feel free to consider that question rhetorical)
  4. Ordering a Blood Orange San Pellegrino for £2 only to find it was a fizzy drink out of a can. Described by my eating companion as a 'poor man's Fanta'.
  5. The way Kevin Pietersen got out. Just silly.
The high points
  1. England had a decent first day in the Ashes
  2. The Penne Marco Polo from Bella Italia I ate was delicious. Nice pieces of duck in a rich plum sauce. Sweet.
  3. Great conversations with two ace guys over a meal, laughs, debates, engaging conversation. Enjoyable
  4. Unexpected conversations which were encouraging, relationship building and full of hope for what God can do.
  5. This morning's seminar on churches that can change communities. A genuine highlight that encouraged me to keep pressing on to build the influence of NSCC for the glory of God in our town.
I don't think Terry Virgo mentioned any Old Testament characters which makes 2 days in a row. After day 2 it's 6 Main Sessions and 4 OT character lessons.


Mark Heath on 9 July 2009 at 15:26 said...

ha ha, glad to hear that you're getting a healthy dose of Old Testament. Remember there are 39OT books and only 27NT, so the ratio is about right!

sleeping during a TV preach is simply inexcusable and a slap in the face to those of us who can't be there ;) I was hoping to spend my evenings listening to the sermons, but they are being a lot slower than last year at uploading them.

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