Wednesday, July 08, 2009

TOAM: Day 2 (so far)

Earlier start today as seminars and training tracks kicked in, I've elected the track on 'Shaping Culture, Changing Lives.' There was a change of programme and my friend Martin Charlesworth spoke instead of Dave Stroud.

He was excellent, including an excellent brief dissection of materialism and call for a robust response to consumerism. I highly recommend you listen to this talk when the audio is available. He painted a great picture of how a local church can be aware of national issues that shape our society but respond in their local context in a way that has a profound impact on its town/community. Stirring stuff and a reminder to me to continue to step up my political lobbying and efforts to engage with politics (local/national/international) even by writing letters/emails etc...

Then we're into main sessions which means it's time for some more OT characters and we weren't disappointed. Dave Stroud gave us Daniel and Stephen van Rhyn gave us Abraham. That makes the scores on the doors Main Sessions: 2 (5) v OT characters 2 (4). Running aggregate scores in brackets.

Dave Stroud spoke on shaping culture from the perspective of a minority and used Daniel as his example. It should have been a home run for me, he talked of empowering and equipping those in business, journalism, medicine, law etc... wonderful. There were lots there that I resonate with but perhaps because I've heard him talk about it before, or Tim Keller speak on it and Mark Driscoll and others. Perhaps because I was tired, perhaps because I'm sinful but I just wasn't inspired and I'd hoped I would be.

On another positive note England are 194-3 at tea on the first day of the Ashes.


Marcus on 9 September 2009 at 16:57 said...

I went to hear Stephen at Together on a Mission 2005, with a particular decision buzzing in my mind about whether to try something difficult and nerve-wracking for God. He stood up and said "I want to speak about whether we shall try adventures of faith before we have cast iron guarantees of success?" My friend dug me so hard in the ribs with his elbow that I ached for days afterwards!

Phil on 9 September 2009 at 17:21 said...

Hi Marcus
Thanks for the comment. Great to hear that kind of story - hope the nerve-wracking adventure is ongoing!!
I'm sure there are plenty of testimonies just like that...

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