Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Newday: Monday

I know its Tuesday when I'm writing this but, well, tough...but Monday went a bit like this

7am: A sleep in today. Amen, hallelujah.

Hmm...can't really remember the timings of things but the rest of my morning involves working on getting some media things sorted out as Chloe Smith MP was planning on visiting the projects, reading the Bible and other important things (probably).

2pm: I find myself in a tug-of-war competition. I'm in the surprising position of anchor man. we make it to the final but lose 4-2
3pm: I get fat after a massive plate of bangers & mash covered in baked beans
4pm: A couple of hours work on photos and searching for coverage
7pm: Head down to the big tent, can't find my group. It's Matt Redman leading worship and Mike Pilavachi speaking
7.45pm: One of our young people leaves feeling sick. Not too surprising as he's eaten nothing and just drunk coke for the last three days. He'll learn.
8pm: Pilavachi is on form. Great stuff and despite a massive amount of silly cheering at almost everything, the Holy Spirit begins to move and although some it looks weird, a young girl from church experiences the presence of God.
9-10.30pm: For the price of a deluxe milkshake I have an amazing talk with said young lady who goes to bed considering living her life for Jesus.
11pm: I'm too knackered to go back to deal with the press stuff as I'm back on Radio Norfolk tomorrow


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