Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Newday: Tuesday

OK this is Tuesday and I'm getting ahead.

6.15am: I'm not supposed to wake up for another 45 minutes but I am so I get a warm shower for the first time since Saturday morning
7.00am: Time for a snooze
8.15am: Head into the centre of Norwich for an hour long feature on BBC Radio Norfolk (starts about 2hr 41 min in)
10am: Think it went quite well. Then get a tour around the impressive facilities of Kings Church
11am: Back on site but then spend 2 hours with SNYA
1pm: Boss some kids around and have lunch
2pm: Head off to the office for some work on press releases
5pm: Back to campsite for food and boss some teenagers around
6.40pm: Head to big top - 29th Chapter and Simon Brading led worship, Mike Pilavachi taught on the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues. Tore the place apart and hundreds responded. Very funny, wise and focused on Jesus.
9.30pm: Back to campsite for some burgers and a chat with a friend before some much needed sleep.

You might have noticed that detail is getting less as the week goes on. That's not a surprise.


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