Sunday, August 02, 2009

Newday: Sunday

So another day of Newday is nearly over. It's been, what's the word I'm looking for...ah that's it, long. It went a bit like this:

5am: Wake up as I hear people pass the tent on their way for a shower. Oh good grief.
6.20am: My alarm goes off.
7.00am: I meet a tall leggy blond who drives me into the centre of Norwich in a small two seater sports car. I pinch myself. I'm not dreaming.
7.30am: Reality kicks in as we get to our destination, BBC Radio Norfolk where I'm interviewed about Newday (its about 1hr 46 minutes in on iPlayer - available for another week)
8.30am: back on site and have a meeting about any upcoming media issues
9.30am: finalise another press release and head back to camp
10.15am: miss the morning meeting and go for an unsatisfying run around the site. Might try and run off site next time
11.15am: catch up on some reading in the Word and the weather is good.
12pm: turns out our group on outreach at a Funday today so sort some of them out
4pm: back to camp after a few hours in the company of a couple of 8 year olds, while their mum went on outreach. Great fun. Think I may have sunburn on the back of my neck.
5.30pm: Have an argument/lively discussion with some teenage girls about eating
6.30pm: Off to meet a reporter/producer from BBC Radio Norfolk who's come to record some atmosphere!
7pm: Great worship led by Simon Brading and some chap from the US.
8pm: Doze off during Stef's preach. Sorry Stef. Wake up, feel better and listen to the response as hundreds of young people deal with forgiving others.
9pm: Pray with a young man. Son of a professional whose family has continually upgraded their lifestyle and downgraded the quality of their family relationships. This son is a wreck and his father doesn't have a clue. I see God move and healing begins.
9.30pm: Help 3 young girls who have gone from best friends to worst enemies to best friends not go back to worst enemies.
10pm: Write a blog post, check emails, text my wife who has already gone to bed which seems like a smart idea.


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