Saturday, August 01, 2009

Newday begins

So I'm at Newday, me and about 7000 other people. We're in Norfolk at the showground for the first time and the site seems pretty good. I've a couple of roles this year, firstly to make sure all the amazing guys from NSCC have a great time and secondly I'm on the communications team. I'm in charge of press releases and stuff like that. I've the very exciting privilege of being on BBC Radio Norfolk only it's at 7.30am on Sunday morning. Not so exciting. They've a feature on Newday here.

The first meeting was tonight and the noise everyone made at the start was phenomenal. Simon Brading kicked off with worship and Stef Liston preached his heart on forgiveness. Tomorrow night he's onto forgiving others. Stef doesn't really do funny, he doesn't really do clever, he doesn't really do subtle. He just gives it to you straight with all the passion he can muster and that's fine by me.

Here's my day so far:

6am: wake up
6.45am: arrive at school and meet others while waiting for coach
7.15am: call coach company to find out where they are
7.50am: coach arrives
8.15am: pick up some guys from Telford
8.45am: pick up some more guys from Rugeley
11.45am: have a McDonalds at Cambridge Services
2.15pm: arrive at Norfolk Showground
3.30pm: finish setting up tents
3.35pm: find out where the media team are based, check in as a server and stuff
5pm: sort out the food marquee/gazebo
5.50pm: eat some pasta
6.40pm: finally get into the bigtop
7pm: worship Jesus
10pm: write a blog post, and a press release

Bed? Who knows when....


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