Monday, November 23, 2009

What sort of blog is this?

This blog has drifted for a while, creative energies have (rightly) been poured into other projects, and my own writing on here has been relatively minimal. I admire the discipline of bloggers like Tim Challieswho write something every day. His is a blog that manages to do something quite unusual - he is a source of information of interesting and quirky things through his A La Carte and he writes something original.

Other blogs like Justin Taylor's have very little original and are full of links to other people's content as he happily admits. Some you think is the one but ends up being the other, for example Adrian Warnock's popular blog - he recently listed his top 20 posts of the year the vast majority are links or interviews with other people. I guess that will change now he's finished the book he's been writing.

I read a lot, and come across many things that interest me from all over the place so I'm happy to link to book reviews and interesting posts and links. But that's not much of a creative outlet for me, so I need to find some way of balancing the two sorts of content. I guess the aspiration here is to shoot for something a bit more like Challies blog, with regular links to others and regular writing from me. So in line with a few other challenges to find another level of personal discipline in managing the various projects I'm involved with, I'll aim to give some fresh impetus to the 'original' (and I use that word advisedly) content here on this blog.

As this unfolds over the next few weeks and months, I'd really appreciate any feedback you can give me on posts you appreciate (or not) and whether the links to other content is helpful and useful to you.


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