Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Book Review: Votewise Now!

In the next five months Britain will most likely have a general election and as Christians we can't afford to be ignorant or apathetic. Votewise Now from The Jubilee Centre and edited by Rose Lynas is a collection of essays designed to inform and help Christians make an informed selection at the ballot box and reminds us that we vote as Christians not simply what is best for us but for what is best for others.

Ten chapters deal with national and international issues, each written by a Christian with expertise in that field that gives a biblical perspective and an overview of the current challenges. The book ends with three short chapters from an MP of each of the three main political parties giving a short plea as to why you should vote for them.

The topics covered are; the economy, criminal justice, health care, education, the environment, international order, nationhood and immigration, tax and benefits, employment, and finally housing. Each chapter is short and to the point, with helpful suggestions for further reading. Obviously each author has their own perspective but I found them all balanced and even handed - not pushing you left or right. However a little bit more analysis of stated policies would have been helpful when rhetoric all sounds very similar.

I've been trying to inform myself politically (see my posts on foreign policy and social justice) and I found this short book immensely helpful, opening up some avenues that I hadn't considered before and I'd highly recommend that every Christian concerned about making an informed choice next year should read this.


David Read said...

I used the 2005 edition (together with associated materials - don't know if they're available this year) to lead housegroup studies. They were great - engaging and thought-provoking. Definitely second your recommendation here.

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