Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I link therefore I am (15/12/09)

Now that I'm catching up on reading, blogs and interesting stuff here are the pick of the crop:
  • This is the thought provoking, "Katherine told me that she thought that humans were congenitally dissatisfied. That human beings just couldn't ever be satisfied and want more and more no matter what they already had." Probably true. Read more from No Impact Man 
  • Who is worth more? The banker, the nursery worker, the tax accountant or the waste recycler? Depends how you measure of course. The answers may surprise you 
  • The next two links are both from Tim Challies. If you think you're the centre of the universe then watch this but if you feel insignificant already, best not. 
  • The world is an amazing and imperfect place, as these photos brilliantly illustrate 
  • Mark Meynell does a great job of helping you understand Romans 6 


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