Monday, July 02, 2007

iPhone nonsense continues

The iPhone hoo-ha continues, no new technology, no social revolution on the way, nothing to report and yet the hype continues. The blogosphere has gone mad and on the BBC they've dedicated a whole section to it here. 

It's a lovely phone, wouldn't mind one myself but I can wait until I don't have to queue in line for days or even queue at all. I can wait until I'm not tied in to a ridiculously expensive contract and I can wait until they and their competitors improve things. Most importantly I can wait until my current phone no longer works, no other reasonable and affordable alternative exists, and it can do a few more things.

So if I'm always waiting for the next gadget then I think that's ok with me. 


Anonymous said...

Great video! Have to say I won't be queueing up for one either. My mobile is five years old, and I'm hoping to keep it for another five!

Just shows you the power of marketing. First it was the iPod, now the iPhone. The BBC are about to launch their iPlayer. iDon't know what the iDea people will think of next! Its enough to make you iScream.

iGo now...

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