Friday, January 16, 2009

What I know about you (part 4)

The results of my latest poll I have to admit have surprised me a little. I asked about voting intentions and the results were:

6 (33%)
4 (22%)
Liberal Democrat
3 (16%)
0 (0%)
1 (5%)
Republican (US)
3 (16%)
Democrat (US)
1 (5%)

Total votes: 18

Now if I was to simply sort that into a simple right/left divide and assume I count Labour as left wing (a bit dubious these days) then it breaks down into

Right-leaning: 9
Left-leaning: 8

And I don't know which way the person who voted for other leans. Now this is somewhat surprising because I tend to write about traditionally leftish issues. My friend Dave described me as bit of a "leftie" and others would agree. I'm probably a closet socialist at heart, I read Jim Wallis and Rob Bell, I talk about the environment, spending less, I critique riches and wealth, many of the links I link to are left leaning, I'm generally opposed to war - (I was in opposition to the Iraq war) and would get rid of nuclear weapons unilaterally as they cannot be morally justified. And had I been an American, quite possibly I may well have voted for Barack Obama. The message of simplicity and anti-consumerism while clearly not exclusive to any political viewpoint has often been associated with the left not the right.

So it's slightly surprising and indeed heartening to be crossing the political divide and indeed I hope that continues. Please feel free to comment on how your faith informs your politics and why any issues you connect with here you think are better suited to one party than the other.

And now for a new poll. Simple question really - do you think your life would be better without a TV? (if you're reading this in a RSS reader, you'll have to visit the website to cast your vote)

Here for other poll results


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