Tuesday, July 07, 2009

TOAM: Day 1

My battery ran out on my laptop near the end of session 2 with Stef Liston and I never got round to charging it up so I've managed one session post and now I'll think about the whole day.

In every session the worship has been wonderful. The people have danced, shouted, knelt, responded with rapt attention to Jesus. The songs and music have been a great mix of anceint past, recent past and present writing, the focus unrelentingly, unashamedly on Jesus. The times of sung worship have been water to my soul. Wonderful.

Bones Malaba, Stef Liston and Terry Virgo were our speakers today. Reaching nations, childlike seeking after God and being a Word and Spirit movement were our subjects. All solid stuff. I wondered why we needed reminding that we were a Word & Spirit movement (like that's news!) but then loads of people poured forward to be baptised in the Spirit for the first time, so that shut me up.

End of day score: Main Sessions: 3 v Old Testament Characters: 2 (Jonah, David)

This has been a great blessing today. I spent time with a friend I met at Newday 3 years ago and we caught up. He's moved his family to Manchester to be involved in church there, brilliant and he was such an encouragement to me. And he made a suggestion that stood out above everything else I heard, for me to take home, think about and apply in church. Good stuff.

It's been a good day.
  • I went for a 5 mile run along the sea and spent time with Jesus
  • I've met friends from around the country and globe
  • I've eaten kangaroo for the first time
  • I've spent time with a friend and been blessed by his encouragement
  • I've listened to some good preachers
  • I've loved worshipping Jesus
For those of you interested there's plenty of blogging on TOAM going on this year, more it seems than last year. Head over to Newfrontiers Bloggers to see the full list. Apparently Adrian Warnock says he is the 'official' blogger, no idea what that means but he has a good round up of the day as does my friend Dave Matthias. Tweets on Twitter here


Rob said...

There's also a style of listening, I guess.

To quote Pink Floyd: "Takes two to know, two to know".

(That is an extraordinarily out of context quote, I'll grant you).

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