Monday, November 30, 2009

Adbusting: LG Seamless Entertainment

You would think no one could make this stuff up and be serious about it. I mean really. Who actually falls for this?

OK, where do we start? The premise of the advert is that modern life constrains us, forces and squeezes us into a generic bland consumer one-size-fits-all mould. It shows us all facing the dull hindrances of life, with dull jobs just like everyone else. Just like everyone else.

So far it's compelling, it's a line we'll buy because it has the grain of truth to it. Much of life does exactly that, or at least that's the way we let it unfold. Of course God is in the ordinary as well as the extraordinary, the rainy day as much as the glorious sun rise and set. God is with the street cleaner, office temp and call-centre operator as much as the fire woman, paramedic, celebrity adventurer or whatever other glamour job we imagine. But there's something that usually encourages us to miss that point.

And there's an irony. TV reminds us on a daily basis that our lives are dull but what we see through the screen is interesting, fascinating and worthy of comment. Most of it quite blatantly is none of the above. LG on the other hand are convinced that a life of unrestricted possibilities (cue muscled man jumping into the ocean in his trousers), a life where we achieve our full potential, the life we've always dreamed of can be achieved if we bought one of their new TV's with bluetooth technology. Now you know.

If these had been around at the time of Queen Elisabeth there would be no Shakespeare. I mean come on, do we really think in a 100 years time we're going to look back on today and say, 'the golden age of culture was when they made X-factor'? TV doesn't open up possibilities for us to live, it narrows them down - but it cons us that it's the other way around. It's an illusion.

LG (life's good) isn't simply selling TV's but the promise of freedom, the promise of real life, the promise of individuality (to the millions that buy LG), it's offering salvation from dreariness and drabness. You can see where this is going?

It's counterfeit, it's fake but our culture must produce these promises because despite our rejection of the old sources of such hopes (such as Christianity) we still need to believe that there is more to life than this. There is. Switch off the TV and find out.


Anonymous said...

I'm really appreciating not having TV at the moment. I thought about going into advertising when I was at college, thought it would be fun and well-paid. Then I realised that most advert producers are basically con-artists.

And LG stands for Lucky Goldstar by the way!

Phil Whittall on 1 December 2009 at 12:23 said...

Thanks Andy - The life's good is because they've made that their motto. Sorry should have made it clearer I had tongue in cheek. You should write about how you find not having a TV!

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